Manage, monitor and learn about your Asthma.

The self-management apps are here to support you understand and manage your symptoms on a day-to-day basis.



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Personalised Plan:

The Asthmahub is a portable mechanism for you to store your Personalised Asthma Action Plan, enabling you to access it whenever and wherever you might need it.

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Monitor and record:

Use the Asthmahub to record the details of your healthcare, from peak flow diaries to GP appointments. The Asthmahub provides a platform for you to store all of this information in one easy to use, accessible place.

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Advice and Support:

Information presented in an easy to read format, allowing you and your clinician to monitor your condition and offer up to date, tailored advice and support.

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Educational Videos:

Learn more about your asthma with the education section of the Asthmahub. Filled with informative videos on inhaler techniques, breathing exercises and much more, all there to support you.

Personalised Plan


Monitor and record

Use the Asthmahub app to keep all your measurements, triggers and physiological readings up to date, and monitor any changes over time.

Educational Videos

Up to date advice and guidance, aligned with national guidelines to help you gain a greater understanding of your asthma. Learn about your medications, managing triggers and much more. All contained within one place – the Asthmahub.

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