Supporting you in your COVID Recovery

The NHS Wales COVID-19 Recovery App for adults recovering from COVID-19.

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Search for “covidrecovery

Version 2.0 in collaboration with  Long COVID Wales

The Features

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Set goals based around your symptoms

Personalise your recovery goals, taking a step-by-step journey to your COVID recovery.

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Personalised learning and advice from experts

Learn more about your symptoms, informative videos on symptom relief, rehabilitation exercises and much more.

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Monitor your progress over time

Update your activity log, record your recovery progress, look back at your recovery journey.

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Supporting you to reach your COVID recovery

Tailored to your symptoms, delivered by the experts.

Personalised Plan

  • Tailored to your symptoms and recovery goals
  • Developed by clinicians across Wales, for the most accurate up-to date advice
  • Manage your recovery on the go, wherever you are

Monitor and record

Use the COVID recovery app to record your activities, events and appointments and monitor changes to your symptoms over time.

  • Record your past and real time activity, and relate it to each symptom
  • See trends in your results, presented in a simple, easy to read format
  • See trends in your results, presented in a simple, easy to read format
  • Record readings from both at home and at the hospital, and have them all stored in one place for quick access

Educational Videos

  • All available to you at your fingertips, watch wherever you are
  • Access to educational videos featuring clinicians from across Wales

Up to date advice and guidance, aligned with national guidelines to help you gain a greater understanding of your recovery. Learn about your symptoms, monitor your activity and much more. All contained within one place- the COVID Recovery app.


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