Understanding your Asthma

Friday 4th March 2022

Time: 12pm

This event has already been.

About this event

NHS Wales is holding an event to provide support and guidance for patients or carers of patients with Asthma

This free, interactive event focuses on how patients or carers of patients with Asthma can feel informed and in control of their condition.

Find out more about your condition, and what you can do to ensure your condition does not affect your daily lives, by watching this exclusive event.

The event is free to join and will be hosted on Microsoft Teams. No Microsoft Teams account is needed, you can join as a guest.

The event will be recorded, and a video made available on the Healthhub website for those unable to attend the event live.

Please note: If you are intending to watch the event from a mobile device, you will need to ensure that you have the Microsoft Teams Mobile app installed on your device, as Microsoft Teams Live events are not supported via mobile web browsers.

What will be covered in the event?

  • What is Asthma?
  • What triggers your Asthma?
  • What are the typical symptoms of Asthma?
  • How is Asthma diagnosed?
  • How to learn to live with your Asthma
  • Q&A Session

The panel includes:

  • Dr Katie Pink – Respiratory Consultant & National Asthma Clinical Lead
  • Cerian Parry – Community Advanced Nurse Practitioner
  • Jackie Reynolds – Practice Pharmacist
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