COPDhub – Getting the best out of your inhalers – Event Recording

Did you see our event? If not, don't worry you can watch the recording here!
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NHS Wales held an event to provide support and guidance for people or carers of people with COPD on getting the best out of their inhalers

Watch the event recording now…

This free, interactive event focuses on how people or carers of people with COPD can feel informed and in control of their COPD by helping them get the best out of their inhalers. Find out more about what you can do to help keep your condition well-controlled by using your inhalers effectively by watching this exclusive event.
What is covered in the event?
  • How are inhalers used to manage COPD?
  • What does good control mean for someone with COPD?
  • Working with your healthcare professional to find the best inhaler regimen for you
  • Can I make a sustainable decision about my inhalers without losing control?
  • Other factors that help you stay well
  • Q&A Session
The panel included:
  • Dr Ramsey Sabit – Respiratory Consultant & National COPD Clinical Lead
  • Joanne Allen- Respiratory Nurse Specialist
  • Charlotte Pritchard – Cluster Pharmacist
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