Impressive Clinical Outcomes from the Healthhub apps highlighting advantages for users

We wanted to share with you the impressive results from our survey that many of you, our apps users, contributed to.

During the week of 14th November 2022, The Institute of Clinical Science and Technology (ICST – who deliver the Healthhub Apps for NHS Wales) conducted a survey sent out to all app users at that time (more than 10,000).

All active users of the app were given the chance to complete the survey to provide feedback on how successfully the app has helped them improve their management of their condition. The amount of users that responded to the survey (“the sample”) has been assessed as being sufficient (“representive”) to make some powerful conclusions about the value of the apps to the user population and is sufficient to allow for meaningful exploratory analysis of subgroups of users that are of particular interest.

The key findings of the survey have found that people with respiratory conditions (asthma or COPD) who regularly use the Healthub apps for more than 6 months improve their respiratory health, resulting in 36% of users reducing their visits to the GP and 19% reducing their admissions to A&E

We also found that, those users who were not achieving good control of their condition (suboptimal control) prior to using the app ( users you have scored their control less than 5 on a scale of 10) and regularly use the apps for more than 6 months have a more significant improvement in their health, resulting in 44% of users reducing their visits to the GP and 33% reducing their admissions to A&E.

The analysis of this survey has been done in conjunction with Oxford University Statistics Department.

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