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Press release from Asthma UK – British Lung Foundation Cymru Wales – People with asthma and COPD urged to download new NHS Wales apps to stay well this winter.

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Alone, breathless during lockdown – the app that offered hope and support.

Jennifer, 70, from Cardiff with severe asthma, shares her experience about being alone with her lung conditions whilst shielding:

“Having a life-threatening lung condition is worrying at the best of times, but during a respiratory pandemic it’s been incredibly challenging. I do not leave the house due to my health and during lockdown I was recommended to download the new NHS Wales self-management app for people with Asthma.

“It’s been life-changing, and provided much-needed support and confidence, especially when you’re living alone during lockdown. It’s been very lonely at times and the app enables me to contact my clinicians when I need that extra advice and support.

“It really helps me to manage my symptoms, keeps track of my medication and helps me establish if I’m unwell due to my Asthma.

“It gives me a confidence boost; I wouldn’t know what to do without it. I tell everyone – Download the app, it’s amazing!”

With current extreme pressures on our health services, Asthma UK & the British Lung Foundation Wales are encouraging anyone with Asthma and COPD to download the NHS Wales health hub apps. These are easily available to download on both Apple & Google App Store.

Last year the Welsh Government launched new patient apps for people with COPD, people with asthma and parents of children with asthma. The new apps are fully bilingual allowing people to record symptoms, manage medication, watch educational videos and manage their condition.

Rather than seeing a health care professional once a year, the apps allow people to monitor their condition on an ongoing basis, helping someone avoid a terrifying asthma attack or COPD exacerbation and reducing the risk of hospitalisation by half – something that is expensive to the NHS and that no one wants particularly with COVID-19 so prevalent.

Joseph Carter, Head of Asthma UK & the British Lung Foundation Wales said:

“People who have chronic lung conditions are extremely concerned about high covid cases and the uncertainty of access to healthcare, these apps provide comfort for those living with COPD & Asthma. They are not only for adults, there is an Asthma for Parents app designed to help children with Asthma.

“Living with any chronic illness adds a certain amount of stress to your life and these digital tools can help mitigate that”.

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